We Are Here To Empower & Encourage Girls and Women…

Hello, and welcome to Courage Cards for Girls! This website has been created with great love and passion. I want to provide a sanctuary for every girl and woman—a place of trust where they can connect with others in a safe, welcoming environment.


Whether you are just stopping by or making a permanent home here, our pledge is that you will be loved and accepted, just as you are.

-Courage Cards For Girls /CEO


Recenter Your Soul Every Sunday Night

I value the incredible opportunity to make a positive difference in the life of girls and women. Our Sunday night courage calls were developed to help girls and women get recharged and re-centered.

Be Part Of  A Like-Minded Community

I want women to feel supported, loved and listen to. Many girls and women are stressed, worn down and worried. Other women are very hurt and misunderstood. One of the goals of our courage calls is to create a place of peace, hope and renewal


Search For The Truth With Us

"If you have never searched for truth come with us and you will become a seeker.

If you were never a musician come with us and you will find your voice.

In our gathering one candle lights hundreds, we will light your path and give you courage so you will open like a flower and join in joyous laughter"



I will provide guidance, advice, and products for girls and women. I will use my life’s experiences to provide my subscribers life strategies.

-Courage Cards For Girls / CEO


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