When you provide referrals you will earn Coffee Money, Gas Money or Fun Money...


Question 1: Can I get a discount on my membership if I bring multiple friends to join?

Answer 1: No, because we pay an affiliate cash reward for each referral that joins our community.

Question 2: How do I get paid?

Answer 2: We pay all referrals via www.paypal.com. Our subscribers need to sign up for www.paypal.com to get directly paid.
Question 3: How much do I earn on my referrals?

Answer 3: We pay 30% of the membership cost to our subscribers.
Question 4: Do I earn on a referral payout on my subscriber’s renewal?

Answer 4: Yes, if you have an active membership.
Question 5: If I lapse my membership and rejoin the next year am I entitled to earn subscriber renewal payouts?

Answer 5: No
Question 6: What do I get for my membership?

Answer 6:

  • You get access to get your personal questions answers on our password protected website: (www.couragecardsforgirls.net).
  • You qualify to participate on our girls only weekly conference calls.
  • You qualify to get referral and ongoing renewal income.

Subscription Referral Payout Table

(Annual subscription cost is based on dated joined)

Date Joined Membership Cost Referral Pay Out % Referral Commission
January-April $40.00 30% $12
May-August $30.00 30% $10
September-December $20.00 30% $6

Please Note: These annual subscriptions run until December 31st. The memberships are pro-rated based on the date the subscriber joins. This is an annual renewable service.