Tunein2 You Conference Call Details

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Date: March 25th, 2018

Time: 6:00pm PST /9:00pm EST

Topic : Q & A – Meet & Greet

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Call-In Number for United States: (605) 472-5650

  • This is the number the moderators and participants will dial into.

Access Code: 208419

  • This is the required pin moderators and participants will need to use to participate on the call dial.

Cost: Free for “Invited Only”

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  1. CEO of Courage Cards for Girls (http://couragecardsforgirls.com/blog3/) BLOG POST 3: The Story of My Life…..



Call Details

This service is exclusively for paid subscribers. These calls will be held on Sunday nights at: 6:00 pm PST / 9:00 pm EST.

The calls will be 75-minutes in length.

  • STAGE ONE / 30 Minutes: The moderator or moderators will introduce themselves. The specific conference call topic will be introduced. Lastly, the moderator or moderators will provide their opinions, life experiences and facts about the topic.
  • Welcome everyone, bless the call, define the call topic, read the call rules and introduce the moderator or moderators.
  • Promote articles that discuss the call topic, promote moderator’s product and services.
  • A sample TuneInto2You topic is: JEALOUSY
  • STAGE TWO / 30 Minutes: The subscribers will provide their opinions.
  • STAGE THREE / 15 Minutes: Stage three will be used for questions and answers. I will also promote up and coming events.
  • Promote sending personal questions to: ceo@couragecardsforgirls.com.
  • Promote the 30% referral commission program.

Sunday call topics will be posted on this page every Thursday (72-hours before) each call.


  1. Please be in a quiet area to reduce the background noise.
  2. Please have your phone on mute for the first 30-minutes.
  3. Please speak and respond one at a time.
  4. Please be 5-10 minutes early.
  5. Please take notes.
  6. If you have a personal question that you need answered then e-mail your question to: ceo@couragecardsforgirls.com or invest in a private 75-minute one on one or two on one session with me (the CEO).
  7. Check this webpage on Thursdays to know the conference call topic in advance.
  8. Please invest some time reading my blog posts (47 blog posts and counting). Visit: www.couragecardsforgirls.com,  please leave me some positive comments. Thank You!



  1. No political talk.
  2. No laughing or making fun of other callers.
  3. No boys or men are allowed on the call.
  4. No non-subscribers can be on the call.
  5. No male bashing on the call.
  6. No swearing on the call.
  7. No use of full names on this call, only use your first name when introducing yourself.
  8. Do not disclose what city you live in, only use locations such as (West Coast, Midwest, East Coast).


Question: What kind of business is Courage Cards for Girls?

Answer: Courage Cards for Girls is a self-focus and advisory business service for females.

Question: What services does your company provide?

Answer: Courage Cards for Girls is a virtual business. Our services include group conference calls, 2 on 1 private calls and email question and answer services.

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Question: What is the difference between your services and a coaching business?

Answer: A business coaching  business focuses on accomplishments, skills, behaviors, experiences, training and marketing.

Our services focuses on self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skills and personal capacity. These are vital soft skills. These skills fall under a female’s Emotional IQ.

Many hard charging A-Type personalities don’t  recognize the importance of these skills. Having a healthy Emotional IQ makes your job easier. It helps executives, employees and entrepreneurs develop better relationships with co-workers, subordinates, peers and customers.

Question: Describe your Ideal subscriber?

Answer: Our ideal subscriber is an:

  • Open-minded female (executive or employee)
  • Open-minded small to medium sized female entrepreneurs
  • Stay at home mothers looking to better their lives
  • Motivated single women

The facts are that females that have a healthy Emotional IQ are more successful, happier and fulfilled. This life-improvement will positively affect your personal and business life.

Working harder and doing more isn’t always the answer to every problem in business or in life.

Question: What is your process to help your participants / subscribers improve their Emotional IQ’s?

Answer: We ask our participants / subscribers to uncover or validate their TOP TWO “Life-Wants”?


  1. Happiness or Fulfilment
  2. Love or Be Loved
  3. Financial Security or Financial Abundance
  4. Having More Life Choices
  5. Having More Free Time
  6. Getting Recognition & Praise

After we learn what our participants / subscribers “Life-Want” top choices are we begin the process of helping them improve their Emotional IQ’s.  This process is done via group conference calls and 2-1 private sessions.