The People Who Shaped Me!

I feel very fortune that my mother introduced and invested in my personal development. I had two children by the age of 18 and three by the age of 26. I cut my life short by these life-changing decisions.

My gynecologist told my mother when I was pregnant at age 16 “She can no longer be treated like a 16-year old, she just entered the adult world”

  • 9th Grade Social Studies Teacher (Mr. Buscaglia): He told me that I was very smart. He took an interest as me, he encouraged me about catholic region. He was concerned about my future choices. He saw something very special in me. He also built me up.
  • D.McClain /Psychologist: The first time I met with him he told me “After spending time with you, you should not get discouraged that you are a teenage mom. I want you to know that you have a gifted existence”. He told me that I was bright. He changed the way I saw myself.
  • B.Weeks / Social Worker: She helped me discover where my anxiety originated from. This was a very scary process. It made me very aware of how deep my fears were. This was important because it open my mind to personal change.

  • C. Liaros / Psychic Consultation: She mentored and counseled me. She taught me the importance of making choices., and how these choices will define me.
  • My In-Laws: They helped me to see marriage in a positive light. They change my life.
  • My Older Brother: He loved, honored and respected me. He was a great always protector. He was a dream of an older brother. We had fun together, we had a lot of great memories and experiences.
  • Father Pat: He was my parish priest. He helped me to understand my lack of confidence. He helped me to understand that I was caring 40-years of guilt. He helped me forgive myself of getting pregnant at age 16. It was a new life for me.

  • Mr. & Mrs. B: They were my bosses at my first travel agent job. Within a year, I became a top producing sales executive.  They both believed in my potential and they brought out the love I had for travel.
  • My Ex-Husband: He was my first love. He supported and loved me at age 16. He taught me so many of life’s lessons. He was a chef in the military and he also taught me how to cook. He brought out my love of cooking. He helped me raise our children.
  • My Children: Each one of my children helped shape me. Their unconditional love for me helped me understand what a gift being a mother is.

  • Mr. D: He helped me get my high school equivalency at 59 years old. He was one of the most special teachers I have ever met in my life. He helped me, and he believed in me. He was completely positive always. Without him I could have never gotten my high school equivalency.
  • Husband: He is my biggest advocate in every area of my life.