Personalized Answers FAQ Repository

On this website ( there is an FAQ section. This section is where the company CEO will answer all personalized questions. This part of the website will be password protected.


Question: How many questions can a member ask monthly?

Answer: Each member can ask 8 questions per month. Each question will be personally answered. The answer will be posted on our password protected section of this website.


One of our goals is for you to attain GREATER ABUNDANCE & LASTING SUCCESS in your life!



The Premium Inner Circle Courage Calls

  • You can sign up for these Inner Circle Courage Calls anytime.
  • Our first call will be on Sunday, January 17th at 6:00 pm PST /9:00 pm EST


  • You can sign up for this call on this website:


  • You can sign up to become a Premium Inner Circle Member. This association can help you improve your confidence, self-esteem and self image.
  • The annual cost is $40.00

  • None of our staff is professionally educated. We have real-life experiences that can help girls and women with truthful opinions.

Whether you follow our advice or not is up to you. Our goal is to make more girls and women aware.

One on One or Two on One Empowerment Call

As this company’s CEO, I will provide girls and women guidance, advice, and products. I will use my life’s experiences to provide my subscribers life strategies.


Mentoring is an advisory activity where a more experienced person takes someone less knowledgeable under their wing and grooms them in their chosen profession or in life.


Real mentors hold your hand throughout the learning process. They also make sure that the advice they give you is completed successfully. So, its advice combined with accountability.


These one on one or two on one calls are more personalized than the weekly Sunday night group calls. As your weekly mentor I have an interest in seeing my protegees grow, whether personally or professionally.


My mentoring is a process with a long-term aim. The core of my mentor-mentee relationship will have two-way communication. For this service to be successful it needs to be objective.


We both also need to understand each other’s’ space.  However, a mentor is not a friend – objectivity is essential in a successful mentor-mentee relationship.


Step One: Invest in Our Annual Membership

These are some financial question and answers about your Courage Card Membership investment.


Note: Table A is the required initial subscription investment



Date Joined Annual Cost(Pro-rated) Services Included in Investment
January-April $40.00 This cost allows subscribers to access this website until December 31st:


 (question and answer website for personalized answers for subscribers)

2. Qualify to participate in weekly courage calls. 

This website is a password protected website, only subscribers can access the personal questions and answers on this website.

May-August $30.00 Same as January-April
September -December $20.00 Same as January-April

Please Note: These annual subscriptions run until December 31st. 

The memberships are pro-rated based on the date the subscriber joins.

This is an annual renewable service.  


Additional Service Date Joined Cost (Pro-rated)
Weekly Courage Calls with CEO
  •  January-April
  • May-August
  • September -December
  • $35.00
  • $30.00
  • $25.00

Please Note: These annual subscriptions that is active until December 31st. 

These memberships are pro-rated based on the date the subscriber  joins.

This is an annual renewable service. 


  • Question 1: Can I just pay for the conference call services?
  • Answer 1: No, we require our subscribers to make the initial subscription investment to participate


  • Question 2: Can I get a refund?
  • Answer 2: There are no refunds.


  • Question 3: Can I pay for this service with a money order or cash?
  • Answer 3: No, all memberships can only be paid through PayPal. 


  • Question 4: Can I get a discount on my membership if I bring multiple friends to join?
  • Answer 4: No, because we pay an affiliate cash reward for each referral that joins our community. The affiliate referral program is outlined on this website under a section on this website titled earn coffee and gas money.
  • Question 5: What is the cost of the one on one mentoring calls?
  • Answer 5: One on one cost is $50.00, the call are 75 minutes. Two callers on the same call is $35.00 per caller, the call length is also is 75 minutes.