Welcome To My “Tunein2 You” Weekly Conference Calls

This call was created to help females associate with like-minded positive women. My goal is to help each participant: Recharge /Reinvest / Refocus & Reeducate...

My conference call topics will educate and empower females. These topics will help my subscribers expand their thinking about areas that affect their life.

On of my goals is to help each subscriber feel better about themselves. It will be a safe environment where a woman can vent their personal feelings without being judged, laughed at or made fun of.

A true "safe space".

This call will help my subscribers recenter their souls, recharge their minds through positive encouragement.  I value the incredible opportunity to make a positive difference in female’s lives.

Each call will introduce a specific topic that directly affects women today. That topic will be posted on Thursday (72 hours before the call). This will allow all my subscribers to know which topic I am discussing in advance.

  1. I will also bring on guest moderators for many of the calls. I want moderators who are different in opinions and background. I want a moderator who has different life experiences. Having diversity in education, work history, child rearing beliefs or ethnic culture will make these calls more complete (interesting, engaging and vibrant).

These calls will also focus on Woman's Emotional Intelligence. This is an area of life that many women don't get educated in.

 Emotional Intelligence Definition: Is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others, to discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately.

If you look at the dark blue area (below the water area) in the diagram below. The areas we will focus on are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, social skills, capacity and acumen.

Call Details

This service is exclusively for paid subscribers. These calls will be held on Sunday nights at: 6:00 pm PST / 9:00 pm EST.

The calls will be 75-minutes in length.

  • STAGE ONE / 30 Minutes: The moderator or moderators will introduce themselves. The specific conference call topic will be introduced. Lastly, the moderator or moderators will provide their opinions, life experiences and facts about the topic.
  • Welcome everyone, bless the call, define the call topic, read the call rules and introduce the moderator or moderators.
  • Promote articles that discuss the call topic, promote moderator's product and services.
  • A sample TuneInto2You topic is: JEALOUSY
  • STAGE TWO / 30 Minutes: The subscribers will provide their opinions.
  • STAGE THREE / 15 Minutes: Stage three will be used for questions and answers. I will also promote up and coming events.
  • Promote sending personal questions to: ceo@couragecardsforgirls.com.
  • Promote the 30% referral commission program.

Sunday call topics will be posted on this page every Thursday (72-hours before) each call.



  1. Please be in a quiet area to reduce the background noise.
  2. Please have your phone on mute for the first 30-minutes.
  3. Please speak and respond one at a time.
  4. Please be 5-10 minutes early.
  5. Please take notes.
  6. If you have a personal question that you need answered then e-mail your question to: ceo@couragecardsforgirls.com or invest in a private 75-minute one on one or two on one session with me (the CEO).
  7. Check this webpage on Thursdays to know the conference call topic in advance.
  8. Please invest some time reading my blog posts (47 blog posts and counting). Visit: www.couragecardsforgirls.com,  please leave me some positive comments. Thank You!



  1. No political talk.
  2. No laughing or making fun of other callers.
  3. No boys or men are allowed on the call.
  4. No non-subscribers can be on the call.
  5. No male bashing on the call.
  6. No swearing on the call.
  7. No use of full names on this call, only use your first name when introducing yourself.
  8. Do not disclose what city you live in, only use locations such as (West Coast, Midwest, East Coast).


Question 1: What is the purpose of the “Tunein2 You” weekly conference call?

Answer 1: My weekly “Tunein2 You” Sunday night conference calls are designed to recharge, recenter, and reshape my member’s minds and spirit.

Question 2: What topics do you cover on the “Tunein2 You” weekly conference call?

Answer 2: These calls will address relevant female topics. Conference call topics will include self-development, relationships, career development, entrepreneurship, physical health and emotional health.

Question 3: Who is your targeted demographic?

Answer 3: I am looking for open-minded women. My targeted demographic is 2o's -90's.  I welcome women from all races. Your sexual orientation is not relevant. I want all females to feel welcome here. This community is driven by love, by empowerment and by free expression. This call is about my subscribers tuning into themselves. This is a forum for females who want to improve themselves. We won't judge you here. My perfect demographic is a humble woman who is open to introspection.

Question 4: Why are the calls on Sunday nights?

Answer 4: I decided to have an empowerment call on Sunday night to help women combat the 'Sunday Night Blues".

You have invested in your family, job, spouse or partner all week including Saturday. It's Sunday, it's time to reinvest in you. Take 75-minutes to recharge, to recenter your soul, mind and body. There might be one nugget of positive information that makes you smile. Isn't that worth it?

These calls will challenge you and empower you to feel better about yourself. These are the types of positive thoughts you should have before going to bed. It's been a long week, Sunday night is the perfect recharge night.

These calls were designed to uplift you, they will.  This is also a place you can get emotional without being judged. Start you week off being in the company of intelligent and exceptional females from all over the United States.

In fact, a whopping 76% of American workers say they get the Sunday-night blues, according to a 2015 Monster survey.

"Your job is to be introspective, GOD's job is to create perfection" CEO of Courage Cards for Girls

"I'm in business of helping women who want to proactively help themselves" CEO of Courage Cards for Girls


  • This is not a debate call.
  • This is not a call to find out which woman is the smartest or most successful.
  • This is a call for humility and personal introspection
  • If you feel exhausted, undervalued, angry or misunderstood then you are at the right place.
  • If your life is really good and on track then we want you to share your success formula. This can be a place where your empathy can help other women get on track.
  • We have all gone through self-pity and disappointment at some point in our life.
  • The majority of us are not in balance no matter how successful we are.
  • This is a great place to share love and admiration with other great women.
  • This can be your weekly sanctuary, join us and bring others.

Question 5: What is the cost to participate?

Answer 5: The annual cost is based on the date you sign up for the service. This annual cost allows you to attend every Sunday conference call for the calendar year.

Annual Pricing (You Sign Up January-April)

-Annual Membership-$40.00

-Conference Call & Personalized Answers Annual Fee-$35.00

-Total Annual Cost-$75.00

-Referral Commission-$12.00 (30% of Membership)

Please Note: This commission is paid annually to all active subscribers.


Semi-Annual Pricing (You Sign Up May-August)

-Annual Membership -$30.00

-CC&PA Fee-$30.00

-Total Semi-Annual Cost-$60.00

-Referral Commission -$9.00


Quarterly Pricing (You Sign Up September -December)

-Annual Membership Fee-$25.00

-CC&PA Fee-$20.00

-Total Quarterly Cost-$45.00

-Referral Commission-$7.50

Please Note: These annual subscriptions run until December 31st.  The memberships are pro-rated based on the date the subscriber joins. This is an annual renewable service.



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The first four conference calls will be free.

  • March 18 & 25
  • April 1 & 8

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I want to get all the kinks out before I charge anyone 1-penny.

Keep coming back to get all the details, the only requirement is an email to me at: ceo@couragecardsforgirls.com

  • In the Subject Line Please Write: Please invited me to your Free TuneIn2 You Conference Call.
  • In The Body Please Write: Your first name, last initial and what part of the country you will be calling in from.

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